Terms of Reference for Tourism Campaign

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Project Brief

. Project Title:
Development of a tourism tactical campaign for August to December 2013 for the Philippines.
. Scope of Work
The Agency should provide the following concepts, design and production including but not limited to print media, other existing consumer touch points and other innovative channels to make the Philippines as a choice destination of the target sectors for their holiday from August- December 2013.
1. Creative Services covering design and production* of logo, print and translations/adaptation of the same in collaterals, digital/new media and OOH.
2. Produce the necessary communication materials with the assistance of a third party production supplier, which will be contracted by the winning agency.
3. The winning agency is also expected to strictly maintain deadlines and budgets in the development and production of the campaign materials as it is imperative to launch the campaign by August 2013.
* design and production may include but not limited to conceptualization, copywriting, layout, printing supervision, casting, styling, talent fees and/or other applicable services.
. Deliverables
1. Campaign logo
2. Print, digital/new media and/or OOH tactical advertising campaign for 2013. Creative concepts for various forms of collateral materials shall be presented in compre or other presentation format, which can be delivered via email (eg. PPT files, PDF files, etc.). The deliverables shall be composed of but not limited to the following materials*:
a. New campaign logo and theme line
b. Print ads, adaptation in posters, digital/new media and OOH wherever applicable
* Subject to further agreement between the PDOT and the winning agency, taking into consideration the agency’s recommendations
NOTE: Creative presentation deck will be emailed to the following email addresses on or before end of business day of July 24, 2013:
Singapore: To Mr. Charles Leung email
              Cc Market Development email
Hong Kong: To Mr. David Leung email
                Cc Market Development email
3. All concepts must be screened for cultural sensitivity, where the final outputs will be shown or published
4. Client servicing reports, which may include but not limited to contact reports (minutes of meeting), progress reports, documentation of workshops / consultations, and final reports
5. Compilation of data and information collected, reviewed, validated, and analyzed in relation to the project,
6. Cost estimate of producing creative materials proposed for the tactical advertising campaign, as well as applying said campaign in various media platforms
. Qualifications
1. The agency to be selected must be a communications agency, with resources for creative conceptualization to Final Art production, which may include digital advertising.
2. The agency must be duly established and/or have an office stationed in each of the following cities:
a. Hong Kong, Hong Kong
b. Shanghai, China
c. Singapore, Singapore
. Ownership
All creative concepts and original materials formulated and designed in conjunction with this project shall be owned by DOT with full and exclusive rights on future use thereof both in the Philippines and internationally.
. Project Duration
August to December 2013 until all deliverables have been given following the agreed timetable.
Proposed Timetable:
Posting of Project Brief: July 15-19
Submission of Concepts and logo: July 24
Awarding of Agency: July 26
Development of print materials: July 27-30
Media break for print: August 1
Media break for other materials: Week of August 5
. Budget
The approved budget cost (ABC) of the project for the August to December 2013 and for the purpose of bidding for this project is Php499,999.00 (USD11,628)**, inclusive of all applicable taxes.
Budget covers the following items:
1. Production Fees of all advertising and promotional materials related to the campaign
2. Agency Service Fees
* Proposed budget breakdown, subject to further recommendation of the winning agency
a. Print/Collaterals: Php250,000.00
b. OOH production cost: Php150,000.00
c. Digital production cost: Php25,000.00
d. Agency service fee: 15% of production cost
. Terms and Conditions
1. Segment or phase(s) of the campaign not implemented for whatever reason shall be revised/modified by the creative agency at no cost on the part of DOT for the purpose of translating said segment or phase(s) for future implementation.
2. The compensation to be paid for the services of the selected creative agency shall be on commission basis pegged in the amount equivalent to 15% of the production cost of the campaign, which amount shall be reflected in the final cost estimate for the production. The amount of compensation to the selected agency herein shall be all-inclusive for its services.
3. Recognizing that the winning creative agency conceptualized and authored the advertising materials to be used for this tactical campaign, the winning creative agency is entitled to a percentage media commission rate of 8% of the placement cost of each material made by the creative agency.
** (based on Php43.33 to 1USD exchange rate)