5D4N Romantic Tour in Boracay



D1 Shanghai-Boracay, Z2 029(2330/0300+1)
All the guests gather in Shanghai Pudong Airport, check in and depart Shanghai for Kalibo. Upon arrival, proceed to hotel and rest. Regroup at the restaurant at 12:30 and have lunch after the guide’s briefing. After lunch, all the guest will be guided to explore Boracay, the white beach, soft sand, crystal sea water, D-Mall, Willy’s Rock which is a good place for photo shooting, Friday Beach where the softest, most beautiful and best sand locate, this is why the local people also call it “Powder Sand”, you could build a sand castle, lie in the sand under the coconut tree, or walking along the beach to enjoy the sunshine and sea wind. As time goes by, you could also watch the beautiful sunset.


D2 At leisure
 Enjoy Philippine style breakfast and then go to optional tour【Island hopping + Beach barbeque dinner party】: Taking Philippine banca boat and go snorkeling, there are colorful corals and more than 2500 kinds of fishes underwater for you to see. After snorkeling, guests are arranged to go fishing as well, if you are lucky enough, you could have a “harvest”. You must be a bit tired after these activities, the group will go to the characteristic local restaurant by the sea to enjoy delicious seafood for lunch. The group will go back to the hotel at 14:30 and fresh up. The Beach barbeque dinner party will start in the early evening, the dance, the love songs, the seafood, the wine…you will fall in love with everything here.


D3 At leisure
If you like the snorkeling experience yesterday, but you still want to see more, let s go and try scuba diving or sea walking to get close to the underwater marine life. And there are professional dive instructors and staff to teach and assist you. There are also other options of water sports for you to explore, such as water skiing, surfing, windsurfing, water glider etc. You could also take private yacht to have a sunset cruise and watch the beautiful and romantic sunset of Boracay. For the adventure lovers, you could try driving ATV going along Mt.Luho and overlook the general view of Boracay. You could also go to the shell beach and see if you could find any unique shell.


D4 At leisure
Breakfast at the hotel and then at leisure. For the guests who wants to relax themselves could try the wonderful Philippine oil massage which is very famous in Asia at Poseidon Spa. Or you could just relax in your own way cause it is said that people could find more than 100 ways to entertain and relax themselves.


D5 Kalibo-Shanghai, Z2 028(1900/2230)
The group will check out together at noon and transfer to Kalibo. Depart Kalibo for Shanghai.


List of optional programs in Borcay



1 Island hopping
(Banca, fishing,snorkeling,seafood barbeque lunch)
2 Beach barbeque dinner party
(Philippine dance, band, barbeque, seafood, wine)
3 ATV riding
(Mountain Luho, Shell beach )
4 Sea walking 30min
5 Intro Diving
(boat, instructor, diving gears, underwater photo)
6 Poseidon Spa  2.5H
7 Philippine style oil massage 1.5H 380(RMB)